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CAPP is a professional assessment system providing extremely rich information about each candidate
. F
or ethical reasons SIGMA requires that the automatically produced CAPP report is never given to a candidate without direct feedback and interpretation by a trained specialist in assessment. In consequence, the use and interpretation of CAPP is restricted to psychologists or experienced human resource specialists trained and certified by SIGMA. Therefore, only specialized assessment or management consultant companies and corporations employing psychologists in their human resource departments are eligible to use CAPP in their professional activities.

Concretely, SIGMA concludes contracts with consultant companies and corporations and trains and certifies their collaborators in the administration of the instrument as well as in the analysis and the interpretation of the results. A fee is charged for each utilization of CAPP, the amount depending on the
particular package, the total purchase volume per year, and the general level of consulting costs in a specific country.

  • If you are interested in finding out more about a contract for using CAPP, SIGMA will provide you with further information about contractual arrangements, price structure, and the required training procedures. Please go to the Info/Contact page to send an Email request.

  • If you are interested in a professional assessment or consulting service applying CAPP in your company or organization, SIGMA will direct you to an appropriate service in your area. Please go to the Info/Contact page to send an Email request.