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CAPP - Computer Assessment of Personal Potential

is a leading-edge assessment system, successfully used by human resource specialists in large corporations world-wide for

  • Development - identifying unused potential and suggesting courses of action

  • Placement - optimizing the fit between individuals and available positions

  • Recruitment - selecting the best candidate for a given job profile

CAPP functions as a computerized Assessment Center. It offers the following advantages to human resource specialists interested in using professionally developed and scientifically validated tools:

  • Comprehensive assessment (cognitive and emotional intelligence, personality, motivation, interests, values, and communication skills)
  • Innovative test strategies in over 30 individual instruments
  • Advanced multi-trait, multi-method approach
  • Focus on objective skills measurement
  • Modular architecture allowing custom-tailored application
  • Versions in several languages (currently English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) guaranteeing standardized assessment across cultures
  • Multimedia technology
  • Enjoyable and challenging learning experiences for candidates
  • Comprehensive reporting of results, using innovative analysis techniques and graphic representations 

Given its modular architecture, CAPP test packages can be custom-tailored to suit specific assessment needs by choosing any combination of the 30+ instruments. However, in most cases, one of the following pre-configured packages will be appropriate:

  • Standard Package (cognitive and emotional intelligence, creativity, personality, coping, motivation, values, self-concept)

  • Cognition Package (cognitive intelligence, creativity, personality, self-concept)

  • Emotion Package (emotional intelligence, personality, coping, motivation, self-concept)

In addition, an Advanced Package is available, containing the instruments of the Standard Package and several performance instruments measuring communication skills, creativity, and ethical aspects of behavior dispositions. Patterns of motivation are examined unobtrusively by projective tests. These additional instruments require dictation and coding by trained psychologists.

CAPP assessment sessions can be performed on any computer connected to the Internet, either through a locally installed version of the program or through a program downloaded from the web. Using the CAPP analysis routines, the data are immediately processed and a comprehensive report is automatically produced.

Please click on the topic labels above for further information on dimensions of assessment, test formats, analysis and reporting of the results, scientific validation, and distribution.

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