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CAPP Tests

CAPP, one of the most comprehensive assessment systems available, measures a person's most important traits and capacities. Over 30 individual instruments produce a complete profile of personal and professional potential.

Modular Architecture

CAPP is designed in a modular fashion, which enables human resource professionals to configure tailor-made packages of instruments according to specific assessment needs.
CAPP evolves; new instruments are designed and added from time to time. Standard tests already used by the client can be integrated into the computerized CAPP administration. Depending on the number of tests chosen, the testing session will last between 50 and 150 minutes.

Multiple Measurement

CAPP is the one of the few assessment systems based on the renowned "multi-trait, multi-method" approach. The great majority of the different traits and performance skills assessed by CAPP are measured by two or more different instruments - thereby increasing reliability and accuracy. As shown in the illustration below, each trait or ability in the list is measured by several techniques and the interpretation is limited to results that are stable across several methods.

 Multitrait-method illustration

CAPP measures concrete skills and capacities as well as behavioral dispositions and allows comparing these objective results to subjective self-evaluation. Projective tests are available to tap unconscious aspects of the candidate's motivation and emotionality. CAPP tests have been carefully designed and pretested to control for candidates' tendencies to respond with what they perceive to be the "right" answer. 

Fuzzy Set Trait Description

Nobody likes to answer hundreds of yes-no or true-false questions. Yet, this is what most tests consist of. This is in large part due to a classic psychometric criterion, which requires a high degree of overlap among items making up a scale. However, even the pioneers in testing have warned that this leads to undue narrowing of trait representation. Acknowledging the fact that not all individuals exhibit all characteristics in the conceptual definition of a particular trait or ability, the construction of many CAPP instruments is based on a novel "fuzzy set" principle. Here traits and abilities are represented by extensive descriptions of typical behavior patterns. Respondents are asked to indicate to what degree they tend to engage in many but not necessarily all of these behaviors. This format is highly appreciated by the candidates and yields very reliable and valid data.


Computer-Based Administration

screen example CAPP is one of the few assessment packages specifically designed to operate on a multimedia computer platform. In consequence, the administration of the package is standardized, rapid, and economical. Contrary to many "computerized tests" which basically  consist of questionnaires displayed on the computer screen, CAPP uses advanced computer technology to present the candidate with more than 30 different tasks measuring a wide range of human functioning. High resolution color graphics, photographic images, voice output, and sophisticated object movement techniques are employed in the context of a large variety of advanced assessment formats, including many innovative approaches to psychological measurement. Some of the performance tasks in the Advanced Package require voice input via dictation.

Intuitive and Enjoyable Learning Experience

The computer-based format not only maximizes the validity of the assessment, but also provides a highly engaging self-discovery task for the candidate.
Direct exposure to one's performance on objective tasks provides intuitive learning experiences. Due to the intrinsic interest of the tests and the advanced multimedia technology - using sound, photos, and animation - candidates find the assessment procedure highly rewarding. While the testing session requires high concentration and is quite challenging, candidates greatly enjoy the experience.