is a new computer based HR assessment instrument that provides a comprehensive overview of a person's potential and scope for development.

Sigma|Scope consists of nine different tests with proven reliability and validity that measure more than 30 dimensions in the domains of intellectual capacity, personality, coping with stress, emotionality, motivation, and value preferences in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Despite the large number of tests, dimensions, and answer formats, Sigma|Scope takes only 30-40 minutes to complete. This economical format is the result of a long-term development effort using advanced psychometric techniques and the results of an established set of high-performance tests with thousands of upper and middle level staff international companies. Based on this enormous data base, Sigma|Scope can offer extremely stable comparison values for multiple reference groups.

Sigma|Scope is a professional tool designed for use by trained HR specialists in public or business organizations and consulting companies. Test sessions are arranged by these specialists and performed anywhere in the world via a convenient Internet interface. A comprehensive report is established for each candidate and additional material is available for optimal interpretation and synthesis. Sigma|Scope is especially designed for use in recruitment and development, especially for cases in which large groups of candidates need to be screened in an efficient fashion.

More in-depth analysis of candidates that emerge successfully from this first screening stage can be assessed with CAPP (Computer Assessment of Personal Potential), a computer-based assessment instrument that provides in-depth measurement of about 200 dimensions in a 3-4 hour testing session.

HR professionals interested in further information on Sigma|Scope and CAPP can request a password to access detailed information on the development and administration of Sigma|Scope (and CAPP) by clicking on the Information link in the panel on the left.