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This website could only give a cursory overview of Sigma|Scope and its various uses in the area of human resource management. Additional information material is available for downloading from the web, including

  • detailed information about the Sigma|Scope test
  • a sample report
  • a detailed review of the procedures
  • a list of past and current corporate clients

SIGMA will provide access to the site psychologists or human resource specialists who are interested in using Sigma|Scope as part of their professional activity and for all those interested in potentially using this leading-edge product in their company or organization.

If you are interested in finding out more about a contract for using Sigma|Scope, SIGMA will also send you further information about contractual arrangements, price structure, and the required training procedures.

If you are interested in a professional assessment or consulting service applying Sigma|Scope in your company or organization, SIGMA will direct you to an appropriate consulting service in your area.

Click on the logo below to send an Email request. Please indicate your specific interest.